Monday, 5 January 2015

New Year, New Me

Well, i really hope the saying 'New year, new me' implies strictly to me, myself and i for this year.

Greetings back to you lovely people!
It's 2015 already and of course i'm back to this little space that hold a special place in my heart.
You know, i just miss this little place where i usually spend my time ranting or what not here.
So that's why i'm back and promise myself not to neglect this precious place that used to help me overcome my anger, sad, depression and all sort of emotion in this world that caught me into words. If not small, tiny. Still, it helped. I'm a diary girl since i was born i guess. 

2014 was a rough year to me. I let the ugly 2014 passed it's own way and decided not to look back. But of course along those chapters, i met beautiful souls and i'm glad we crossed paths. 

So, what does this 'new book' has for me?


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