Friday, 24 April 2015


Did you find that old?
Well, because I don't think so.

Apparently, this post has been in my draft way too long than I have ever imagined. It was supposed to be posted on 1st of April because you know, it's just my favourite date of the year for every year. I guess I got carried away with other unnecessary stuff. What's new, no? -_-

Now here i am, writing this post on 24th of April which almost approaching to the end of April. Man, that's sad. I love the month of April so much. SO MUCH.

Why, you ask?


Who wouldn't enjoy and feel excited for their birthday month, right?

So it's already 2015, that means on 1st of April this year, I just turned 23. Not that old if I might say. Just perfect for me to start my adulthood life? Okay, don't bother asking me what I've done with my life ever since I turned 20 till 22. That, my friend, was still a teenage years for me. I've been busy with parties university during that time. Now that I've officially a month old graduated from university and still patiently waiting for my convocation day in August, I now consider that turning 23 is somewhat a life changing experience. From a teenager to an immature adult.

I'm not gonna write about my birthday celebrations here because that will be just too many. Midnight surprise, morning surprise, family birthday dinner treat, friends celebration treat, bestfriend celebration treat and the list goes on and on. But one thing for sure, for this year celebration it was all about being well treated celebration in the most lady-like way. I love it to bits. I don't fancy big and loud celebration anymore because the presents that count, guys. LOL. Ok no, just kidding. But really,  thanks guys for acknowledge that I'm ageing and made it small, quiet yet sweetest among all. I truly enjoyed and appreciate it a lot. Only God could repay all your kindness.

"How old are you?"


"Oh wow! Then, when will you get married?"

"You're already 23. During my time at your age, girl would be carrying a baby already"

"Dah ada boyfriend ke belum? Kalau takde, biar Mak Teh cari kan"
(Do you have a boyfriend? If not, let auntie find one for you)

"Kawan-kawan mummy mostly ada cucu dah. Bila la mummy dapat rasa ada menantu and cucu ni"
(Most of mummy's friends have grandchildren. When will mummy get to experience on having a son in law and grandchildren)


Hmm. So, can you tell me, is this normal when you turned 23 not less than a month just yet?
Because I definitely have been receiving this a whole lot more of this lately and it's tiring.
If that's what I've to deal with in being 23, boy, that's SO stressful.

I mean chill guys, I'm only 23. TWENTY3. Not 32.

And just so you know, finding a husband is not as easy as choosing a fish at the market. Oh wait, in my case, even choosing a fish is hard. Sigh.